Uncategorized July 22, 2016

Why Bozeman?

Why Bozeman? It’s a question easily answered by those who’ve spent any amount of time here.

It was announced earlier this week that our quiet little town’s growth rate has exceeded 4%. Meanwhile, cities such as Missoula, Helena, and Billings continue to hover at 2%. What’s the root of this growth? Why do people want to live here so badly?

Having lived in Bozeman for some time now, this is what I see. I see a town beaming with opportunity, both recreationally and professionally. A town where many of these opportunities are just emerging. I see a town that has attracted a unique group of people-well educated, ambitious both in the office and on the mountain, and people that put great value on their quality of life and their work/life balance. I see a hub for outdoor brands, tech startups, those who want to bring their dog to work, and those who crave being in the mountains within 15 minutes of leaving the office. 

It’s often said, “If you’re bored here, you’re boring,” and that applies beyond a recreational standpoint. For someone who appreciates a small town feel, while still having many of the dining, entertainment, and employment opportunities of a larger city, there’s not a better place in my opinion. There are many places across the West that have phenomenal recreational opportunities, and many that have phenomenal professional opportunities. Bozeman is one of those rare places with both.

In case you’re still wondering, ‘Why Bozeman?’, here's a glimpse at the greater Bozeman area.

Hyalite Lake

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Big Sky Real Estate

Bozeman Real Estate